Some of our Ministries

Children's work

Each Sunday a couple of volunteers take our children to a safe room where there is time for play, and teaching of the Bible Stories.

Matthew 25 Project

Feeding the hungry – Click here for full details

Home Groups

As the population changes, these also change in nature. At present we have a Sunday Evening Group where Egyptian, Syrian and Filipino brothers and sisters meet to study Gods word, share meals and pray with one another. Other Home Groups are being prayed into being.


We regularly join up with groups of Christians to go out on the streets to prayer walk or pray for people.


We run, sometimes in conjunction with other churches, such things as Alpha and Christianity Explored, and courses on Marriage or bringing up children.

Prayer Morning

Every Thursday at 5pm we gather to pray – for the church, the people, the country and whatever God lays on our hearts.


We run classes on the meaning of baptism, both in water and to be baptised in The Holy Spirit, and encourage all our members to participate.

Weddings and Funerals

At the request of local organisations we are happy to conduct these. They are a great opportunity to preach the Gospel.