Matthew 25 Project

When Jesus was teaching on The Mount of Olives, He talked about the final judgement (Matthew 25:32-45), when God will separate His obedient followers from pretenders and unbelievers. The real evidence of our belief is, Jesus says, in the way we act.

What we do for others demonstrates what we really think about Jesus' words to us – when we feed the hungry, give them clothes and look after the sick we are treating them in exactly the same way that we would treat Jesus.

As mentioned elsewhere, many refugees come to us from other Mediterranean countries. They have often lost all their possessions and have little or no money. The recent economic disaster in Cyprus means that the Government have little to offer, so Cypriot families are suffering as well.

When we worshipped back in our hotel, it was a simple matter to help those who worshipped with us, but now we are out on the High Street, God is sending more and more people to us who are in desperate need. Every Tuesday we give food and clothing away to those who need it. Every Friday we cook a meal and distribute it to people who cannot come out of their homes.

We help about 150 people each week from five different countries and from different religions, and the numbers are growing weekly. Amazingly, within these needs there are blessings.

A family from Aleppo came to us. Their home and business had been bombed flat. What bit of money they had was taken by the people smugglers who got them out of the country. A Kurdish Christian who worships with us took them to his home to watch a football match on TV – which they hadn't seen for a long time. To his horror, when the referee's whistle blew, the children hurled themselves under the settee – in Aleppo the whistle blast signalled the incoming bombs! Those small children could identify the sounds of different gunfire and war planes.

They were sleeping on the floor in an empty flat. We found beds, furniture and clothes for them, and the fear has left their eyes. But more than that, they now trust us enough to pray with us! The love of Christ has no boundaries, and to see that love in action makes everything we do so worthwhile.

We have been given the use of a field free of charge, which for the past 25 years only had horses on it. We tried growing tomatoes and cucumbers on a small patch last year, and the local farmers were astonished at the quality of the produce that grew. Being a deeply Christian country (Paul's first journey was here) they nodded wisely when we explained that we had prayed over the field. This year we hope to feed, well maybe not 5,000, but more than we did before!

All of this costs money – a huge amount of money – at present about €200 a week. We hold sales every week and large bazaars when we can to raise cash. We pray continually for God to bless us, and He does. Local people are being very generous too but it is not enough. So we unashamedly ask – please help us by praying for us, and if you can, please hit the PayPal button on our Donate Page.