Meet the Family

A very wise member of PCFI recently reckoned that we are a 'corridor' church, in that many people come to the Island of Cyprus on fixed term work contracts or long holidays.

They come, and they go. We grow to love them whilst they are here, we try to equip them before they go, and we grieve when they depart.

A Filipino lady who went home recently had worked here for three years to send money home to her family, but some of it went on alcohol for her husband. Whilst with us she learned how to run a home group and started to lead prayer groups. Back in the Philippines she started a prayer group, was recruited by a local church, has brought her husband to Christ, re-dedicated their marriage and they both are in the Worship Team. That's God at work, and a blessing for the work He helps us to do.

We are a small church with 25 or so regular worshippers and many 'swallows' (people who come on long holidays every year). Average Sunday attendance is about 50 including holiday makers.

Our Leadership team consists of 2 Elders and several Deacons.

Elders: Mike Beesley and Mark Davies
Deacons: Abbey Ahmed, Marina Gobbet, Harry Shortland
and Dannie Ivanova
Website Facilitator : Ramsey Ahmed.

An Elder's dream is to have people walking into church and saying 'I'm here to help, what can I do?'

So, if you are a humble, born-again, spirit-filled Christian praying about spending some time at the cutting edge of Christianity in a country surrounded by Muslim nations with all that implies, and can fund yourself during your stay, Abba Father needs you here.

In the past, after starting as Home Groups, Chinese, Philippina, Greek Cypriot and Bulgarian churches have birthed, and are now worshipping in their own locations.