About Us

PCFI was founded in November 1996 as a 'church in the home'. It grew and in November 1997 we later moved to the Kissos Hotel. Though the language we use is English, many nationalities will be found within our fellowship, including Bulgarian, Romanian, Hungarian, Philippina, Belgian, Cypriot, Jordanian, Syrian, Jewish, Egyptian and American on a regular basis, plus brothers and sisters from many other countries. We are truly blessed by these beautiful people.

In the past, after starting as Home Groups, Chinese, Philippina, Greek Cypriot and Bulgarian churches have birthed, and are now worshipping in their own locations.

For some time we have felt that God wanted us to be more effective in the community, so recently we took a step of faith and moved out of the comfort zone of the hotel to an old taverna on a busy main street, and the whole nature of church has changed.

In our new home on Adamantiou Korai Street, just off the Tombs of The Kings Road, we have leadership and fellowship meetings, prayer, home groups, bible study, mothers and toddlers, praise and worship. We have also started a project we call Matthew 25, of which you will see more on a separate page.

There's something going on at church on most days of the week during the day and evening, including an Arabic speaking Bible Study, a Filipino home group, and Prayer Meeting on Thursday. The popular Friday coffee morning is a great time to meet old and new friends and share news and chat together.

Our Sunday morning meetings, which commence at 10:30, open with a warm welcome from the Service Leader who will also announce upcoming events and any celebration we need to share such as birthdays. We then have a period of exuberant but wholly reverential spirit-filled worship before God's Word is unpacked. Our children have their own period of teaching and play during this time. After having fellowship over refreshments, we finish at about 12:30 or so.

During the winter months we have a 6:00pm study time. This varies widely in nature. For instance, at present we are encouraging our Philippina Ladies to lead and teach, so that we can equip them before they go home, where they can then preach the Gospel to their families and friends.

We look forward very much to welcoming you to our Spirit-filled Born-Again Fellowship.

If you need any more information or help, please do not hesitate to email us at elder@pcfi.info